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The Best Way to Bait a Mouse Trap

Updated March 23, 2017

As autumn approaches, and the weather grows colder, humans seek warmth indoors and so do mice. Mice also start coming inside houses to search for food. Because a mouse can fit through almost any tiny crack or opening, many homeowners are sure to discover a mouse or two each fall and winter.

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Mice can be trapped fairly easily. There is no need to call a pest company. You can learn how to properly bait a mouse trap yourself.

Glue Traps

There are several kinds of mouse traps on the market today. First, you have glue traps, where the mouse steps into strong glue, gets stuck and eventually dies. This can be an inhumane death, so if you use glue traps you may need to kill the mouse yourself, or release it by pouring vegetable oil on the trap and setting it free outside.

The best bait for a glue trap is a dab of peanut butter placed in the centre of the trap. This will draw mice to the trap and onto the glue surface.

Snap Mouse Traps

The other type of popular trap is the old-fashioned metal and wood mouse trap, and the plastic "easy" version of the old-fashioned mouse trap. The plastic version works exactly the same as the old fashioned metal version, but it has a special button to easily release a dead mouse so you can reuse the trap. Both of these traps require the proper bait. The mouse's effort to remove the bait puts pressure on the trigger, and the trap snaps shut, breaking the neck of the mouse.

Use Appealing Bait

Mice like a variety of foods. They will eat foods like bread, cake, crackers and cheese. It is not hard to find a kind of food that a mouse likes. Usually, pre-baited traps will not appeal to a mouse nearly as much as fresh food. Appealing bait is the best way to bait a mousetrap.

Use Stickier Bait

Mice are adept at grabbing bait and escaping. For this reason, it is best not to use crackers, crumbs, or large pieces of cheese. The best bait is something sticky, such as peanut butter or cheese spread. The mouse cannot remove these baits without being caught in the trap. Make sure the bait is always placed correctly on the proper place on the trap. This will be in the centre of the trap on a small tab with a hook on it.

Both snap traps and glue traps should be placed on the floor, along the base of walls, where mice like to travel.

Test Your Trap Before Using

It is best to test your trap before using it. Some traps may have malfunctioning springs. If you are reusing metal traps, they may need to be oiled slightly, or eventually replaced. No matter how good your bait is, you will not catch mice if your traps are not working correctly.

The Best Way to Bait A Mousetrap Summarized

After choosing and purchasing traps, test them to be sure they work; choose a sticky bait, such as peanut butter or gooey cheese; and be sure the bait is always placed in the centre of the trap on the tab provided.

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