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Stihl HS 80 Hedge Trimmer Troubleshooting

Updated February 21, 2017

Any yard can be beautified with a nice hedge or well trimmed shrubs. Hedge trimmers make that job a lot easier, saving hours of hard work when you need to trim hedges or shrubs in your landscaping. The Stihl HS 80 is a professional quality hedge trimmer that can deliver many work hours, if maintained. Sometimes however, your hedge trimmer may not run properly. Although the problem may require professional care, in most cases some simple troubleshooting techniques can solve the problem and get you back to work.

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Engine Pull Cord Won't Work Properly

The rewind spring is probably broken. Replace the spring. Remove the starter cover and the rope rotor, remove the broken spring, refit the new spring and lubricate it with oil. Replace the rope rotor and cover.

Engine WIll Not Start Or Runs Poorly

Check the fuel level. If the fuel tank has run dry, refill the tank. To start the engine, press the fuel pump bulb at least five times to ensure proper fuel flow.

Check if the engine is flooded. Pull off the spark plug boot. Unscrew and dry off the spark plug. Set slide control to O. Open the throttle wide. Crank the engine several times with the starter to clear the combustion chamber. Refit the spark plug. Connect the spark plug boot. Set the slide control and the choke lever. Start the engine.

Check the spark plug. If fouled, clean it. Check to ensure that the spark plug is gapped properly. If damaged, replace it. Check for and fix any problems, such as too much oil in the fuel mix or a dirty air filter that will cause continued fouling and fix it.

Check the air filter. First, press in the tab on the air filter cover and remove it. Remove the felt and foam filter elements. Clean or replace the elements. Replace the elements and refit the filter cover.

Check the spark arresting screen inside the muffler. Be sure to wait for the engine to cool before performing this work. Remove the spark shroud by remove it's screw and remove the spark arresting screen. Clean the spark arresting screen, if necessary. Replace the screen, if damaged. Refit the spark arresting screen and shroud.

Check the fuel pick up body within the fuel tank. If dirty, the use a toothbrush to clean it. If damaged, replace the filter.

Engine Stalls at Idle

Adjust the carburettor. Warm up the engine first. Carefully turn the low speed screw, which is the upper screw on the carburettor near the choke lever, until it is completely seated. Open the screw one turn counterclockwise. Turn the idle speed screw, below the low speed screw, slowly counterclockwise until the blades begin to move when the engine is idling. Turn the idle speed screw counterclockwise one turn.

Engine Idles Too Quickly

When the engine idles too quickly, the blades will be moving at idle. Adjust the carburettor by turning the idle speed screw slowly counterclockwise until the cutting blades stop running, then turn the screw counterclockwise again one half turn.

Cutting Blades Will Not Move Properly

Check the cutting blades to for any debris that may be jamming the blades preventing them from moving freely. Remove any debris and clean the blades, if necessary.

Cutting Blades Will Not Cut Properly

Sharpen the blades to improve cutting ability. Use a flat cut sharpening file and whetstone. Always file toward the cutting edge. Use the whetstone to remove any burrs on the cutting edge.

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