Where to Buy Beer Kegs for a Draught Master

The Draught Master is popular in Europe. It is a beer tap that you can use from the comfort of your home. When purchasing a Draught Master, you will have to buy the keg as well. Draught Master kegs are specially made for the Draught Master, and can only be purchased at particular stores.


Draught Master kegs can be purchased at Tesco. Tesco is a department store in Europe that sells everything from food to appliances. Before you go to your nearby Tesco, make sure you call to make sure that they have the Draught Master keg in stock. Draught Master kegs can also be purchased on Tesco's online store.


Threshers is a speciality drink retailer in the UK. The Draught Master and Draught Master kegs can be purchased at Threshers. According to Threshers, the keg is available at 1,300 of their stores. Call your local Threshers to find out if the keg is in stock.


The Draught Master keg can be purchased on the Draughtmaster.co.uk website. There is a high demand for the kegs, so you may have to wait for one. Ordering the keg from their direct website makes it easier to get assistance if something goes wrong with the order, or the actual product.

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