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Places to have a 16th birthday party

Updated February 21, 2017

The sweet 16th birthday party is an important one for both boys and girls--it represents a milestone of young adulthood, where a teenager begins to have real responsibilities for the first time. For example, in most states, teenagers are allowed to drive at age 16. While the driving age has been raised in some states, the 16th birthday is still a novelty and the place where the 16th birthday party is thrown should be memorable.

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Go-Kart Racing for a Guy

Take advantage of the fact that turning 16 is the day when most teens are given the right to drive on the road--especially now that that age is getting older--by throwing a 16th birthday party at a go-kart track where your 16-year-old and his friends can drive like maniacs around a track. Let them drive in circles as much as possible, bash into each other and get the crazy driving out of their system. Go-kart racing is fun and very safe, assuming you first check to be sure you're using a reliable and safe facility.

Outdoor Dinner and Dance Party for a Girl

If you have access to a large backyard, setting up a tent and a dance floor with a DJ, lights and music is an excellent idea. First, have the closest friends of your sweet 16 daughter show up early for a dinner at a long table that you have set up under the tent with her favourite food ordered or made for her. Once dinner is finished, clear the table from the dance floor and prepare for the dance party as the rest of the guests show up. Have a table set up for gifts. Then, later in the party, serve cake and ice cream amid the dancing.

Disneyland or Disney World!

If you live in the southern California or southern Florida areas--or have the budget to fly your sweet sixteener and friends to one of these places--the birthday boy or girl can spend the day at Disneyland or Disney World for free. While this may seem like an idea 16-year-olds would turn their nose up at, remind them of the rollercoasters and the restaurants, the late-night fireworks show and that, even though they are getting older and feeling "all grown up," it's still all right to be a kid sometimes. The Disney resorts are perfect places for bringing in a birthday at any age and maybe even a more appropriate place to bring in the sweet 16, a final fun-filled day reminiscing on childhood joys before taking the first real steps into adulthood.

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