Homemade seahorse costumes

It's the week of October 26. Halloween is this Saturday and your ocean-loving kid tells you that she wants to dress up as a seahorse to go trick-or-treating. You have no idea where to buy a seahorse costume, but you don't want to disappoint your little girl. What do you do? You read this article for some helpful hints that will guide you in making a lovely seahorse costume right at home.

Making the Head

The seahorse has a horse-like head, black eyes and long snout. This is where you want to start. Cover a helmet or an old baseball cap with tan felt (since the quintessential colour of a seahorse is tan or brownish), which you can purchase at a crafts store. You will need something long to represent the seahorse's snout. This could be anything from a shampoo bottle to a paper towel tube. Cover this object in matching felt and attach it to the helmet or cap. Another suggestion would be to paint the child's face brown and attach a party hat over the child's mouth.

Making the Outfit

Use an outfit that is a typical seahorse colour. This should match as closely as possible to the colour of the felt used in the headpiece. For girls, use a brownish swimsuit--she is a sea creature after all. Or sew together a one-piece suit from the felt material used in the headpiece.

Making the Tail

Use wire coat hangers to fashion a seahorse tail. The tail will be the most difficult part of the costume to approach. It will need to be lightweight and realistic. Wire coat hangers are cheap (you probably already have plenty of them), fairly easy to bend with pliers and can be shaped. Form a curved tail by unbending the hangers, curving them into a shape like a base clef and then hooking or taping them together. Cover this wire frame with felt and tape it to a belt so that it can be worn. If you are concerned about using wire hangers, then make a tail out of felt and plush fiberfill. One last word of advice in making the tail: Though a seahorse's tail usually curves forward, this design would present a problem to someone walking with the costume on. So, make sure the tail curves backwards, away from the child's legs.

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