Homemade Dorothy costume

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Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz" is one of the most beloved characters of all time, so it is only natural that thousands of children and adults alike look to her for Halloween and costume party apparel.

Whether you are sewing the costume from a pattern, creating your own pattern or trying to put the outfit together with items from a costume store, attention to detail is the key to a stunning Dorothy costume.

The dress

Before selecting a pattern or store-bought components for Dorothy's dress, take some time examining pictures from the motion picture.

When you go to the store you will likely find patterns for a white blouse with a blue jumper as well as patterns for a white dress with a blue apron. Dorothy's actual dress was a white blouse with a blue gingham jumper, but the top portion of the jumper mimics an apron top.

While you have the pictures up, be sure to look for other small details that will be easy for you to add, such as the two white buttons on the waistband of the jumper.


The ruby slippers are the crowning jewel of any Dorothy costume. Replicas can be easily found around Halloween and year-round on the Internet, but there are many ways that you can recreate them at home using simple craft supplies.

The first step is to choose the shoes that you will transform. For the most authentic look, these will be red or black pumps with a thick heal of about 1 1/2 inches.

Next, cover them with rubies. The original shoes for the movie were covered in red sequins. This can be replicated by gluing sequins to the shoes with fabric glue or a hot glue gun. Using fabric glue and small red sequins will produce the most authentic end product, but for a quick job you can use red glitter glue.

Again, don't forget the details. The original shoes featured a bow on the top of the toe, which was also covered in red sequins, and were worn with blue socks, not white.

Hair and makeup

If you really wish to feel like Judy Garland for a night, special attention needs to be paid to hair and make-up.

Many little girls dress up as Dorothy with braided pigtails tied with blue ribbons at the end. But Judy Garland's hair was not completely braided. Pictures will show you that her hair was divided into pigtails that were tightly French braided to the base of her neck, where they were tied with a blue ribbon. The remaining hair was spiral curled.

The make-up is an important part of bringing out the glamour of the era the movie was made. A good Dorothy costume will be accompanied by bright red lipstick, super rosy cheeks, and very natural looking eyes.