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Fun Shape Moon Rugs

Updated April 17, 2017

Moon rugs are fun, whimsical throw rugs that can spice up (or space out) any room. While the half-moon rug is popular, you might be surprised at how many options there are. Read on to find out more about choosing a moon rug.

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Whole Moon Shapes

While a half- or crescent-moon rug relies on its unique shape to set it apart, those made with unusual surfaces and designs add style to a space. The Atypyk moonwalk rug, a white rubber mat with craterlike depressions, is a stunning choice for any bathroom, child's room, or other area where you want to add a stellar touch (see References 1).

Photograph-Quality Moon Rugs

Oscar Tusquets Blanca offers a sizeable (47.25-inch in diameter) Luna rug. A full circle, the rug depicts the cratered surface of the moon cast in shadow. Ambitiously priced at £518 and up, the rug is available alongside a larger corresponding earth version (see References 2).

Other Shapes features a moon rug guaranteed to capture people's attention and make a statement. Offering a different take on the typical circle-, half-circle and crescent shapes of our favourite celestial body, this rug is an example of the variety of designs available. This version depicts a stretched crescent moon in a striking yellow-gold with a panorama of off-white and blue stars in the nighttime sky (see References 3). In addition, offers a nice choice of crescent-moon rugs, from conventional to whimsical (see Resources).

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