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Best Ways to Kill Mice

Updated February 21, 2017

If your pet snake loves eating mice for dinner but does not care to eat them alive, then you may find yourself in the uncomfortable position of having to kill mice yourself. There must be a hundred different methods to kill a small rodent, but finding the best ways to kill a mouse without causing prolonged pain is the preference of most pet snake owners.

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Do Not Use Mouse Poison

Your goal in killing the mouse is to end its life as quickly and painlessly as possible. You do not want any blood or mess to clean up; you simply want a dead mouse for your snake's dinner. Do not make the mistake of feeding the mouse poison. The poison will definitely kill the mouse, but it is not a slow, painless death. The main problem with the poison, however, is that it can be transferred to your snake when it eats the mouse. You could end up with a dead mouse and a dead snake.

Use a Stun Gun

You can kill the mouse by electrocuting it with a stun gun. Be sure to keep your hand and body away from the contact probes on the stun gun when you zap the mouse. Simply press the switch on the stun gun for one second, and it will send an electrical charge into the mouse that should immediately stop its heart and kill it instantly. Be very cautious in using a stun gun around children or pets. Store the gun safely when you are finished using it. Some stun guns offer up to a million volts. According to D & D Security Products, a stun gun will leave a human victim feeling weak and out of balance. Imagine what the gun would do to a small mouse.

Break the Mouse's Neck

Breaking the mouse's neck is another way to kill the mouse quickly and painlessly. What you must do is quickly "wring its neck." Twist the mouse's neck just as you would twist a damp towel. The best way to do this is to first wrap the mouse in a thin towel. Once you have the mouse in the towel, put your hand around its neck and your other hand around its body and twist your hands in opposite directions. The mouse should die the instant you snap its neck.

Suffocate the Mouse

To suffocate the mouse, use a thicker towel that has a higher thread count. Wrap the mouse up as tightly as you can and hold the towel closed with the mouse in it for at least four minutes. The only problem with suffocating the mouse is that it is a more slow and painful death.

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