7-day Low-carb Diet Plan

There are many low-carb diets available, full of claims for quick weight loss. Planning menus ahead for a week can take decisions or temptation out of each meal. The Dr. Atkins diet is perhaps one of the most popular of the very low-carb diets, and the diet has been currently modified to include healthy carbs.

A very low-carb diet is one that has less than 20 grams of carbohydrates per day.

Benefits of Low-carb Diets

There are benefits to be gained from a low-carb diet. Initially weight often comes off quickly for many people, giving them a good and positive start to seeing great results. When you eat a diet rich in protein, especially animal protein, it is very satisfying and hunger takes a long time to return. .

Breakfasts for low carb

Breakfast is probably the most challenging meal to fix for an ongoing low-carb diet. Here are seven potential breakfast meals to keep you in line: 1. 1/2-water and 1/2-berry juice, scrambled egg whites with spinach and cheese 2. A slice of ham and of cheese, 1/2-cup of blue berries and 1/2-slice of whole grain toast with butter 3. Poached eggs with slice of cheddar cheese, 3 strawberries, coffee with milk or cream 4. Small salmon fillet, 1/4-bagel with cream cheese, 1/2-peach, coffee or tea 5. Scrambled eggs with ham, 1/2 of small cantaloupe, coffee or tea 6. Omelette with onions, chicken and cheese, 1/2-cup blue berries, coffee or tea 7. Scrambled egg whites with a slice of pepper jack cheese, 1/2-cup grapes, tea or coffee

Low-carb Lunches

Lunches are versatile, and you can plan ahead, especially important if you work. You can have a variety of low-fat protein and low-carb vegetables, such as cucumbers, celery, zucchini, spring onions and mushrooms. 1. One 170gr can of tuna with low-fat mayonnaise and sesame seeds, celery sticks and a 1/2-peach 2. Turkey sandwich on 1 slice of whole grain bread with mustard and lettuce, sliced cucumbers, 1/2-cup of blue berries 3. Salmon steak with lemon, lettuce salad with olive oil, 1/2-cup of green beans 4. Chef salad with turkey, cheese, walnuts and black olives and romaine 5. Spinach salad with chopped almonds, feta cheese, 1/2-cup of pineapple 6. 2 hard boiled eggs, 1/2-grapefruit, sliced tomatoes 7. 3 slices of roast beef, one slice of cheddar cheese, dill pickles, celery, black olives

Low-carb Dinners for Seven Days

Take some time to be creative at dinner and plan some interesting and delicious low-carb dinners. You can always add potatoes or rice for the rest of the family. 1. 227gr steak, Caesar salad, 1/2-cup of cooked broccoli, 1/2-cup fresh strawberries 2 Whole chicken breast, cabbage salad with blue cheese, 1 cup walnuts and strawberries with sour cream and sweetened with stevia. 3. Pork chops with peppers and onions, cucumber salad in vinegar, black olives, 1/2-cup of cantaloupe 4. Turkey breast roasted with havarti cheese, dill pickles, black olives, hot peppers, green salad with olive oil and vinegar dressing 5. Hamburger patty with two strips of bacon and cheese, sliced tomatoes, onion slices and 1/2-peach for dessert 6. Bratwurst with sauerkraut and hot mustard, cucumber salad, non-fat yoghurt with 1/2-cup of strawberries and sweetened with stevia 7. Loin lamb shops with rosemary and mushrooms, 1/2-cup of green beans and celery, 1 cup of grapes.