Curtains Ideas for Bay Windows

The architectural dimension of a bay window is a lovely touch to a home, enhancing the natural light and adding intriguing depth to the room. The curtains you choose should frame the natural beauty of the window, without obscuring the outside view or dominating the window dressing.

Shades and Blinds

Classic Roman shades or roll-up blinds are a handy option that will keep your bay window tidy and uncluttered.

Keep your colours simple if your window frames a flourishing flower garden. If it outlines a grey city view, be bold with bright patterns and textures. Blinds and shades can also be spruced up with vibrant valances to draw the eye without overwhelming the bay.

Versatile too, blinds and shades can easily be drawn to keep your nook cosy and private, but they can also be fully rolled up to reveal the light and view to their fullest.


Another option to frame your bay window is shutters. Window shutters provide texture and charm, framing the window, while letting in all the natural light.

Wooden shutters can be brightly painted or stained for rustic, cottage style homes. In addition, for sleek, modern decor, keep it in theme with bold metal shutters.

Curtains and Drapes

Your options for curtains and drapes in a bay window are numerous. Cafe-style and sheer curtains are terrific choices; they provide privacy while allowing your window's natural light to stream through.

Long panel drapes are elegant accents and can be installed neatly to fit, using bowed rods cut to size. To extend the appearance of width, install your curtains to cover the walls on each side, framing the area and elongating the width of the bay. This technique also allows you to utilise the charm and colour of curtains, without losing any natural light.

Finishing Touches

Nothing beats cozying up in the afternoon sun in your bay window. If your bay window already includes a window seat to curl up on, complement the seat or throw cushions with the colour and pattern of your window treatment. There are several easy options to construct your own window seat. Line the floor with a few oversized, comfortable cushions, or place a small wicker chair, love seat or wall cabinets topped with bright throw cushions before the window.

For one last touch of bright colour in your bay, add potted plants and flowers that thrive in sunlight. Flowers will enhance a garden view and bring some nature into the room if your bay frames a city view.