Party Hall Decoration Ideas

Decorations transform a boring party hall into a festive celebration for any occasion. The decorations set the tone for the party and help develop the theme selected for the party. Determine the theme and colour scheme for the party before planning the decorative elements.

Choose the specific decorations for the entrance, walls and tables to fit the theme and the budget that is set for the party.


Decorate the entrance of the party hall to greet your guests. Place a balloon arch near the entrance for guests to walk through as they enter. Place a red carpet on the floor, leading into the party area. Line the red carpet with homemade luminaries. Use small lunch-sized paper bags for the luminaries, adding a small amount of sand in the bottom as a weight. Add battery operated tea candles for a safe glow from the luminaries. Another option is to place rope lights on either side of the red carpet to light the way into the room. Set up a welcome table near the entrance with a guest book or photo display.


Add decorations to the walls to add a festive ambience to the party hall. Draping tulle along the wall provides an elegant decoration for the walls. Add white Christmas lights to the tulle for more decoration. Add a large banner or display to the wall that offers a greeting or message of congratulations to the guest of honour. Paint a wooden garden trellis to match the decor of the party, adding flowers, greenery and bows for decoration. Lean the trellis against the wall in the party hall. Blow up photographs of the guest of honour to create posters for the party hall walls, or set up a large movie screen and project slides and home videos onto the screen throughout the party. Modify the wall decorations to fit the theme of the party.


Complete the look of the party hall by carrying the decorations to the table. Cover each table with a tablecloth that coordinates with the overall colour scheme. A solid colour tablecloth allows the decorations to stand out and keeps the tables from looking too busy. Choose centrepieces that fit the overall theme or tone of the party hall decorations. Ideas include candles, floral arrangements, framed photos, balloon bouquets or a tray of desserts. Add party favours next to each table setting. Sprinkle confetti over the tablecloths. Consider bows or chair covers to add decoration to the seating at the tables. Add a table skirt or draped tulle to the food tables.