Program ideas for church anniversaries

Bible Based

Programs marking the anniversaries are an important part of the church community. Not only do they honour the accomplishments of the congregation, but they also give an important boost to attendance.

Decide on a Theme

Churches serve their congregations in many ways. Obviously, there are the spiritual needs, but churches are also social places where friends meet and talk and where children grow up and where many of life's milestones occur, such as weddings and funerals. Choosing a theme should reflect the whole of the congregation's experience. A good way to begin is to simply ask the congregation for ideas. Once they generate several, a committee or a simple majority can make the decision. As an example, the theme "We've Come This Far By Faith" was celebrated recently at Calvary Baptist Church in Edwardsville, Illinois.

Involve the Congregation

Once the theme is selected, let the congregation know as soon as possible so they can begin not only to plan for the event, but also plan for their participation. Remember, from kids to seniors, all should be involved in the program and in the celebration. A program committee is often formed with different tasks assigned to different members. For example, one person is in charge of decorations, one is in charge of finances and one is in charge of volunteers. Breaking it down in smaller pieces will make the event easier to manage and give people a chance to participate on several levels.

Mark the Occassion

Often church anniversary programs will including some symbolic marking of the event. Many churches may want to dedicate a new window or even a new building in the case of large milestones. Smaller anniversaries can be even environmentally conscious by planting a tree each year the church continues. Many congregations also like to preserve their event with a keepsake book or journal. There are several publishers who provide these services at reasonable costs. Users can search online to find one. Olan Mills is one of the most popular.

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