Door to door fundraising tips

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Door-to-door fundraising can be an effective way to get more community support for a local organisation, whether it be a school, sports team or church group. While it can be very effective, make sure that you are following safety guidelines when doing door-to-door sales.


When approaching someone's home to sell him anything, you will have only a moment to get his attention. Make sure you are smiling and speaking loudly. Someone may not open the door all the way and you will need to speak over any noises in the background (people, television, radio). Prepare a quick two or three lines that say who you are, what group you are with and what you are selling. Once you have said this, ask the person if he is interested in purchasing. Always be courteous and respectful.


Always think about safety issues when doing door-to-door solicitations. Always do this during daylight hours and never enter a stranger's home. Children should always be accompanied by an adult and solicit in neighbourhoods where they are familiar with the streets and the people. Never give personal information. Make sure young children are very clear about this. Empower children to leave any situation that feels threatening. Many parents remain at the curb while the child goes up, so teaching kids that their safety is more important than their fundraising goal is imperative.

Verifiable charities

Many senior citizens have been targeted with fraudulent solicitations. As a result, some cities or counties require door-to-door charitable solicitors to have a permit issued by the police department or county. This permit should be kept with the person while soliciting. She is required to show this to anyone who demands to see it to verify the validity of the charitable organisation and its fundraising effort. Youth organisations that have a uniform should have the children wear the uniform. Parents should maintain a copy of the organisation name, contact information and charitable identification number.