30th birthday party ideas for men

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A man's 30th birthday is a milestone that some men view negatively, as it may seem like a loss of youth. A good way to celebrate a 30th birthday for a man is to plan active events that make the guest of honour feel youthful and remind him that 30 is really no different than 29.


A paintball party is a great way to have fun and feel youthful while not feeling overly childish. Paintball outings usually entail driving out to a paintball range, renting guns and safety equipment, buying paintballs and playing various missions in a forest or on a field. Missions typically involve two teams either trying to eliminate each of the other team's players or playing a capture-the-flag-style game. The great thing about paintball is that it is likely to be a new experience for the birthday boy or at least for some of the people involved in the game. It can also be fun to play special rounds, where the birthday boy is on his own or with a couple of close friends, defending a well-fortified position against everyone else in the group.

The main drawbacks of paintball are that it can be somewhat expensive and getting hit with the paintballs can cause welts and bruises. The game may be less entertaining for female players, so if your party group has a large female contingent, it might be better to try something else.


A camping trip can be a great idea for a 30th birthday celebration. Camping allows friends to be together for an extended period of time, which will make the 30th birthday celebration more memorable. Camping also comes with the advantage of providing as much or as little activity as one wishes. The group can go hiking, whitewater rafting, canoeing, jet skiing or water skiing if they want to be active, or they can just kick back around a fire and reflect on good times. Camping is also a good alternative for men that don't especially care for birthday parties, since it can be more of a vacation than an actual party. Another advantage of camping is that accommodations and food are usually inexpensive, and campgrounds are fairly plentiful around the country.

Go to a Game

If the birthday boy loves sports, there might be nothing better than going to see his favourite team for his birthday. Splurging a little on good seats can be fun and will make this outing a little more special than all of the times he's sat in the nosebleed section. While being a spectator at sporting events isn't active in and of itself, it's fun to get into the game by cheering on your team.

Going out for drinks or dinner before or after the game can add to the fun. If the birthday guy likes to party, consider staying out for a night on the town after the game. Otherwise, returning home or to a friend's place for video games or board games can be a low-key way to end the night.

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