85th birthday party ideas

Reaching the age of 85 is indeed a milestone. Plan a spectacular party for a family member or friend who is reaching this ripe old age, and fill the guest of honour heart with love and pride.

Honour should always be the theme for a party for someone of this age, and there are many ways to honour her by using cherished memories from the past.


Ask everyone who is invited to bring a memory of the guest of honour to the birthday party. This also allows those who can't attend to contribute to the fun. Collect all the memories, whether they are written memories, photos or memorabilia, and arrange them in a scrapbook or shadow box for the guest pf honour to enjoy. Ask each guest to explain the memory at the party.

Offer rides to the party in your invitation, as some guests of this age may no longer drive and feel that finding transportation is burdensome.


Serve a variety of foods, and include things that aren't spicy or unusual, as older people may have dietary restrictions or simply not care for some modern food options such as sushi or tacos.

If serving a meal, something similar to a turkey dinner will likely include enough options for everyone to enjoy something.

Have a sheet cake adorned with photos of the guest of honour during different times of his or her life. This will be fun for the guests to see and reflect upon before digging in and enjoying the cake.

Serve coffee, tea and a punch option for beverages.


With older guests the activity of choice will likely be conversation, but have a couple of ideas ready in case the conversation starts to drag.

Consider a singalong with songs from a favourite era. If you know someone who can play the piano, that can both fuel the singalong and provide entertainment as well.

Create a slideshow from family photographs throughout the years, and use this as a means of reminiscing as well as entertainment.

Have a trivia game handy with questions pertaining to things that went on during the year the guest of honour was born.