Preschool fundraising ideas

Preschools rarely have any outside funding. There are many ways to raise money in a preschool environment that keeps parents involved and excited while bolstering kids' pride in themselves and their school.

School Pictures

Show a parent, particularly mothers, a picture of her child and she is sold. But you can do more than just standard yearbook-style photos to raise money for your school. There are companies such as Lil' Angels that take pictures of the kids in their favourite sports theme or military uniform. Other photography companies use old-fashioned toys and clothing to create an antique-looking photograph. These are endearing photographs that parents will hang with pride. Photography companies can offer anywhere from 10 to 40 per cent back in fund-raising dollars.


Selling cookies or candy bars are effective fund-raisers, but they are not the only ways to use food to raise money for your school. Coordinate with a local coffee shop to set up a kiosk once a week at the school to sell "mom and pop coffee." Parents love not having to make an extra stop for coffee in the morning. This fund-raiser can also be done with snow-cones or muffins. Many bagel stores will donate day-old bagels or give them to you at a discount if you ask.

Art Fairs

The company KidsArt Fairs turns art fairs into easy fund-raisers. The children do the art, you help them frame it and organise an evening art fair. Have the kids offer cheese and crackers to their parents. The art that isn't sold is returned to the family and the frames are returned to the company. Art fairs are fun events where parents and kids shine with pride, and the parents are happy to help support the school that elevates the esteem of their child.

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