What gift does the maid of honor give the bride?

A maid of honour gift to a bride is only limited by her imagination. The maid's gift should reflect the close relationship that prompted the bride to bestow this honour in the first place. Such a personal relationship means the maid knows the bride's tastes intimately. Make the gift in addition to "something borrowed, blue, old and new."


The maid of honour is the principle bridesmaid. Originally, maids of honour attended the queens of England. Today, a maid of honour is at the beckoning of the bride. The maid organises the bridal shower, tends to wedding logistics and is the first to walk down the aisle.

Gifts I

As a close friend, confidant and go-to girl, the maid of honour knows the perfect gift for the bride. Gift ideas from the maid of honour to the bride range from the tangible to the intangible. Regardless, a maid of honour should consider the bride and think of a gift she will appreciate for its thoughtfulness and timeliness.

Consider sending the bride to a spa the day before the wedding for much-needed pampering. This will provide the bride with a few hours of relaxation that she probably hasn't experienced in the midst of all the details about a cake, flowers, decorations and guests. A day at the spa attends to the bride's whole person, exfoliating, styling and steaming away more than skin cells. A spa day reminds the bride that she is the most important person in the wedding party. A day at the spa lets her know that you, the maid of honour, have been paying attention to her stress level. Be sure to let her know about the gift in time to fit it into her schedule.

Gifts II

Give the bride an expensive leather-bound journal with a top-of-the line pen to record her experiences and feelings about the wedding when she finally has time to reflect on them. Emboss the journal with her new name and wedding date. Tie a pure white rose bud for a bow.

A simple but thoughtful gift is to frame the wedding invitation. Select a frame reflecting the bride's personality and tastes. Is she more aligned with nature? Select a rustic wood frame. If you know where the new couple will live, choose a frame to match the decor. Or frame a wedding invitation framed in a dramatic way that matches the wedding theme. For example, if roses are the wedding flowers, order the framed invitation with a silver rose below or beside the invitation for depth. Other gift ideas may include a necklace with the bride's and groom's birthstones, or a travel spa kit for the honeymoon.


Once the bride bestows on you the maid of honour title, begin to brainstorm about the perfect gift. Pay attention to wedding details such as colours, theme, flowers. Does the bride mention something she wishes she has? Write it down to purchase for her right before the wedding. Keep the gift cost in line with the rest of the wedding. Listen to your heart and your intuition. The perfect gift symbolises your friendship and the bride's trust in you.

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