Baby Chou Chou Instructions

Baby Chou Chou dolls can be a wonderful gift for a child. The dolls come in many different varieties and they do different things. If you missed the instructions when opening the package, you may be having a hard time figuring out all the features of your Chou Chou doll.

Don't worry, you can get specific instructions for your doll online.

Finding Baby Chou Chou Instructions

If you don't have the instructions that came with your Chou Chou doll, you can most likely find the instructions online. To get these instructions go to the website listed below and click on your specific Chou Chou doll. It will take you to that doll's page where if the manufacturer has uploaded it, you can click a link to open the instruction manual. The manual opens in a PDF file so you can save this to your computer or even print it out.

If you don't see instructions for your doll, contact the manufacturer and they can probably provide you with a way to access the instructions.

Instructions for Chou Chou My First Tooth

Before giving a child her Chou Chou My First Tooth doll, be sure to put three new AA batteries in her. The battery compartment is on the doll's back. Turn the doll's switch to on.

If you push the large red button on the baby's back, her cheeks turn red and she cries. To calm her down, give her a bottle. Push the bottle far into her mouth to deactivate the red cheeks and crying.

She also comes with a special pacifier that will make her cry. Once you take the pacifier out, her two bottom teeth come in.

Next you can hold her teething ring in her mouth and she will make chewing noises.

Press the doll's tummy to make her laugh.

If you press the small button on her back, it will reset her teeth so you can do it all again. This isn't necessary, though, as she will still react to the bottle, pacifier and teething ring if her teeth are still there.

Instructions for Chou Chou Make Me Better

To play with Chou Chou Make Me Better you can press her tummy to make her giggle. Push on her chest to hear her heartbeat. Press on her back to make her cry. As the doll cries, her cheeks turn red.

To make the doll stop crying, you can use the pacifier or thermometer. She sounds like she's drinking when you put the medicine spoon in her mouth and laughs when you take it out.

She has a heart-shaped boo that appears and disappears.


If you can't find the instructions to your doll, just try experimenting. Squeeze different parts of her body and see if anything happens. Push any buttons you see. And also, use any accessories to see what effect they have. Doing these experiments should make it pretty clear what the Chou Chou doll can do and how she reacts to different things.