What colour should I dye my hair if it's red

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Being a redhead means that you stand out from the crowd. If you are asking yourself "What colour should I dye my hair if it's red?" and want the thrill of something different without covering up the natural colour, here are some suggestions.



As shiny and alluring as a brand new penny, dyeing your locks a deep copper is great if you have really pale skin and brown eyes. The colour makes any golden or greenish specks in your eyes pop and the orangish hue helps to visually reduce any reddish undertones in your complexion. If you have yellowish undertones though, the golden high- and low-lights can emphasise that rather than mask it.



If you want a more exotic look, try dyeing your red hair a deep burgundy. This colour looks good with almost any complexion or eye colour, but it especially makes green or blue eyes sparkle. Burgundy is a safe bet for those who want a drastic change without the risk of brassiness.



If you want a more conservative look, dyeing your locks a reddish brown can be a nice change. Your natural hues will come out in highlights and low-lights without you having to add any extra at the salon. If your complexion has reddish undertones though, you have to be careful to choose a colour that is more golden at its base to minimise the undertones.



It's said that blondes have more fun, so obviously that is a great fun colour that you can dye your hair if it's red. A strong redhead who goes blonde will end up a strawberry blonde. The undertones of almost a pinkish hue can add an air of innocence to your overall look. Strawberry blonde is one of the tricky colours; a golden base should be used if you have reddish undertones and an ash if you have yellow. But ash bases can end up turning reddish hair into more of dishwater blonde, so a professional colourist should be consulted.



For a funky look, add black into your locks. Chunky highlights and low-lights, paired with bright red will turn heads wherever you go. If you want to cover up your natural colour completely, a solid midnight black is one of the easiest colours to dye your hair if it's red. If you already have a deep burgundy colour though, the different facets of colour on your head may range from the natural to an almost plum purple in some lighting.



Another funky choice is to make your natural hue brighter and more vibrant. Colors range from a bold rose reddish hue to a Crayola orange and everything in between. If you really want to flaunt your red hair, dye your hair redder.

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