Ideas for easy crafts to make & sell at home

Making and selling crafts from home is a fun and relaxing way for stay-at-home mothers to earn extra money. It also can be a lucrative income source for a driven crafter who knows how to market her products right.

Of course, one of the first things any wannabe craft seller needs to do is decide what products to make and sell. The important thing is to incorporate your talents and interests into something you love making. You may want to experiment with a number of crafts before you find the right one for you.


Magnets are easy to make and relatively low cost. These are a great craft for first timers. While there are multiple ways to create magnets at home, the easiest involves the jumbo, flat-glass marbles sold for floral arrangements. Simply glue your image to the back of these marbles using a glue that dries clear and then add magnetic stripping to the back. That's it.

Wood Crafts

Most craft stores have a selection of unfinished wooden items, including chests, plaques, crosses, bird houses and picture frames. This is a great way to be creative. Just choose a wooden item and imagine the possibilities. Photo frames and jewellery boxes are always popular craft items. Whatever you do, just be artistic and creative. If it's something anyone could put together, there's no reason they'd bother with your item.


Whether you knit, crochet or sew plush toys, you're sure to be able to express yourself in a commercially viable way. Many small plush toy companies, like Ugly Dolls and the Giant Microbes, started out as a hobby and became successful businesses. Even as a small crafter, you're likely to get highly original crafts like these noticed on bigger blogs, which can be a great boost to your sales. Simply create a design, get your needles going and then get stuffing.

Bath Products

Bath products are expensive in certain stores, but remarkably easy to make. Some of these require a high initial investment, as essential oils can cost quite a bit and are necessary for fragrances. Still, it's an easy market and something you can also give as gifts and use at home. Just be sure to design nice packaging so they can be presented as gifts, because this is a huge part of the bath product market. Common ingredients include cocoa butter, Shea butter, Epsom salts, flowers, essential oils, borax, Castile soap and more. There are hundreds of websites offering recipes on how to make these products, so get going.


Everyone wears clothes, and some like theirs to be a lot different than other people's. If you always dressed a little differently or if you always wanted to be a fashion designer, here's a great opportunity for you. To do clothing crafts, you need to make things that aren't available elsewhere. If you knit or sew, be sure to do styles that are all your own. If you are able to screen print products, come up with unique messages or designs. An easy market to make money in is clothing customisation, where people send you their tees or other clothing and you turn it into something new. Corsets, quilts and dresses made from T-shirts are all fairly easy crafts that look great and can bring in good income. And don't forget the kids and pets. Dog clothes and baby clothes have sky rocketed in popularity in the last decade and don't show any sign of stopping.


If you've never considered making jewelery before, you may be surprised at how easy and how creative it is. Stop by your local craft store and check out the tools and accessories available to jewellery makers. You may choose to just stick with the premade charms at the shop or you can create your own. Jewellery can be made of practically anything, including feathers, cloth, credit cards, even pills, so let your imagination go wild!

Hair Accessories

Like jewelery, hair accessories are an easy craft that has a huge return on investment. Flower hair clips and feathered hair bands are quite stylish and relatively cheap to make. Simply find the basic hair pieces you want to craft with and then glue or sew your creative flair onto them.