Hi, I'm Skye Blue, and in this segment, we are going to learn how to use pinch pleat tape. I've made my drapery panels as I need, with the side hems and bottom hems done. I have pressed the top hem of the drape over one half inch, and pressed it flat, and I've already pinned on my pleating tape, making sure that the cording is facing outwards from the back of the drape. When I sew it, first I sew down the top and the bottom lines of the pleating tape, then I sew down the sides. When I sew down the sides, I make sure not to sew over the pull cords on the pleating tape. This is important. Now, I have my pleating tape sewn down. Now, I'm ready to pull on the pull cords. So, I draw tight the cords, and it does most of the work for me. You'll find that the pleating tape will pleat the drape into the nice triple pleat for you. Now that I've pulled it tight, I tie off the ends of the cords, and trim the ends. Now, you can see the finished pleat.