Hi, my name is Lauren and I'm going to discuss how to lighten hair with peroxide. I, personally, do not recommend you lighten hair with peroxide. It is very damaging to your hair. It would dry your hair out, plus if you have a lighter level of hair, say if you're a bit of a naturally dirty blond hair color, it may work for you in order to actually use the peroxide. Peroxide will give very little bit of lift to your hair. If your hair is naturally that very light color, it may be enough just to give you a soft highlighted look. In that case, you would simply put on the desired amount of peroxide that you need or in the areas of the hair that you want it. If you would want to kind of paint some areas and just lighten some parts, you would just simply dunk or place peroxide on certain sections of your hair in order to lighten it. Darker hair, I would never recommend you use peroxide. If it lifts you up to any kind of color at all, it will probably wind up being bright orange. The color will be very brassy. There is not enough lifting power within regular peroxide that will actually lift your hair to a desired amount. Each time you would have to dunk your hair, or put the pieces of hair, hydrogen-peroxide on the pieces of hair, you would have to place it back on in order to get very minimal results. Very slow, and very drying lift action. My recommendation would be just to go to a salon and have a professional do it, or even buy one of those home highlighting kits that you can get in a box now a days, at your every day CVS or Walgreens. And that is how to highlight with using peroxide.