Welcome to my studio today everybody and my name is Lars Erik Robinson and my company is LarsEr Arts All Around Art-tainment and that that is my slogan, basically it has to do with anything that has to do with art and anything that has to do with entertainment. So today I'm going to talk about how to create thin lines with an acrylic. What you have to do basically is you have to have it really thinned out, take some of your water about 50 % water and mix it in with your acrylic so that it's really runny. So you take your acrylics here and take kind of a thin line brush and this one is a number four and mix it with half water and half of the paints because you want it to be kind of runny looking then once you are done with that you can be able to create a really steady long line as you can tell so I'm creating the outside of the hair right there. So when you add about 50% of water to your acrylics it creates a lot more of a flow that you will be able to create the new lines so the reason you want to do lines on this piece is just because I wanted to get some of these hair strokes here to be able to go a long stroke like that. Don't worry about it being too thinned out I mean if you were dealing with black you would want to make sure it wasn't too thinned out because you want it to be black. Then you can do variety and you can go from thin to thick. So a reminder again you add about 50% f the paint and 50% of the water and add it to your medium and then you will be able to do nice curls around there so that is the explanation of how to do thin lines in acrylics. Thank you for joining my studio today.