How to Add Water to an Iron for Steam Pressing

Video transcription

Chapter four, water in your iron. Like I said before, for ironing certain materials you do need to add water into your iron to get the steam to come out of the iron. All irons will have a spout at the top of the iron that you can put your water in. You'll see on the side of the iron, there is a maximum level line. Just make sure not to go above this line because the water will start to spill out the top of the iron. But the most important reason for having water in your iron, like I said before, is so that you can have steam come out, and it will be best for your cotton shirts. A lot of people don't like to use water in their iron because they're afraid it gets messy, or you know, it might rust your shirt, or stain your shirt. But that is not because you're adding water to the iron. That's usually because you're iron is old, or it needs to be replaced. So, don't be afraid to add the water. It does give you a better result with when you're ironing your shirt. Just make sure not to over fill your iron, and to keep up on the length of time that you keep your iron. It is okay to use water. If you're afraid to use it on some materials, that's okay. But if you want to achieve the maximum results of your iron and get a good look on your shirts, fill your iron with water.

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