13 Blockbuster Halloween costumes

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Dress as an iconic character from a blockbuster movie this Halloween and you’ll get rave reviews from friends, family and trick-or-treaters. These villains, heroes and eccentric characters’ colourful costumes and personalities will inspire your perfect Halloween costume.


Ahoy, matey!

Get Jack Sparrow’s look with a long dreaded wig, facial hair, billowy shirt and lots of eyeliner. Go all out with leather pirate garb, such as a hat or a belt, or keep it simple with a few rings. Either way, you’ll be dressed to sail the seven seas on the Black Pearl.

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Captain America

You’ll need red gloves and boots and a blue, American Flag inspired suit. Don't forget Captain America’s signature shield and to mask your identity.

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Don’t let the movies fool you, men aren’t the only ones who can wear tight-fitting uniforms and fight crime. Don a leotard, cape, boots and superhero emblem like the women pictured here and you’ll be dressed to save the day from the ghouls this Halloween.

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Mad for Hallow’s Eve

Have a very mad Halloween as the Mad Hatter. To look like this character from Lewis Carroll’s classic tale you’ll need an orange wig, lots of colourful eye makeup and, of course, the Mad Hatter’s hat. Make the costume complete and adopt the Mad Hatter’s “mad” persona by quoting the character -- “Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?”

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Not-so-wicked witch

Even though the Harry Potter movie saga is over, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up like a Hogwarts witch this Halloween. If you’re looking to cast a spell like Hermione, you’ll need a striped tie, sweater or scarf and, of course, a wand. If you are feeling wicked, don a dark frock like Bellatrix Lestrange.

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Why so serious?

Feeling villainous? Get a Joker-inspired look from "The Dark Knight" by dying your hair green, painting your face white and drawing on that sinister red smile. You’ll need a green jacket and a misanthropic attitude to complete this Halloween costume.

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Comic Con

Dress as Rorschach, Watchman’s villain, if you want an easy-to-make yet frightful costume this Halloween. All you need is a brown fedora, white scarf, trench and white mask with a symmetrical ink blot on it to mask your antihero identity.

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Who you gonna call?

Dress as a member from the classic science fiction comedy film, "Ghostbusters," and you’ll be working overtime on all Hallow’s Eve. Grab your khaki jumpsuit, black boots and dematerialiser to be a paranormal exterminator this Halloween.

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The Dark Side

Although the force may not be with you if you dress as Darth Maul, a villain from the "Star Wars," you will be a powerful member of the Dark Side. To embody this villain you’ll need a dark, hooded cloak, lots of red and black face paint, a steady hand, and a double-edged red lightsaber. If you want to go all out, you’ll also need some horns and colourful contact lenses.

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The God(dess) of Thunder

Thor, known as the God of Thunder, wears an outfit that is relatively easy to interpret as a Halloween costume, as the woman pictured demonstrates. Dress as this hammer-wielding hero by donning a red cape, boots and an armored headdress.

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This classic comic book-turned Hollywood superhero wears a blue and red spandex suit that conceals his identity from head to toe. You can get the look without a bite from a radioactive spider by making your own and your spidey senses will be tingling.

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A twist on the classic Batman costume, Batgirl wears a black mask, black cape and a jet black spandex suit, complete with the iconic bat emblem. Add a yellow utility belt to hold your crime fighting gadgets and a pair of gloves to complete your Batgirl ensemble.

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The sidekick

Dress as Batman’s iconic sidekick Robin in a red long sleeve shirt, red pants, black “underwear,” gloves and mask, and a cape. In this attire, you’ll be ready to fight crime in Gotham City alongside Batman (or Batgirl).

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