The cheapest places to live in the UK


If you’re looking for an inexpensive place to buy your first home - or need to find a place with lower rents – this list will offer some ideas. Bear in mind, though, that many places with lower housing prices have a limited range of industry and, thus, fewer employment opportunities. Research the availability of jobs in your field for any area before you consider making a move. If you're looking for a place to retire to, check that the places have the services and amenities you require.

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Salford, Greater Manchester

If you're involved in television production, it's a good idea to consider Salford. The BBC, ITV Granada and others have already moved to their shiny, new MediaCityUK facilities. Save on housing while you cut your commuting time.

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Bradford, West Yorkshire

The cost of living is lower in the curry capital of Britain. Some parts of the city can be a bit dodgy, but most of it is fine. Consider it if you work in finance, engineering or manufacturing.

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Stirling, Scotland

This small city - population 34,000 - nestles in rural central Scotland. Most of its industry is agro - plus there is a dash of financial services and tourism - so you might need to take your job with you.

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Belfast, County Antrim

After the 1998 Good Friday Agreement - and up until the start of the economic downturn - Belfast had managed to increase business investment and grow its economy. Housing costs went up during that time but it's still one of the cheaper places to live.

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Ely, Cambridgeshire

Beautiful Ely is a bit pricier to live in than the other places on this list - but it's one of the few bargains in the South East. And, you know, Cromwell and all that...

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Durham, County Durham

The university takes a leading role in this small city - so it's a good place to consider moving to if you're in education. There's also a growing IT sector.

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Hereford, Herefordshire

Another historical small city - this one is big on breweries and cider production and has some manufacturing - where the housing is cheaper but you'll need to line up work first.

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Birmingham, West Midlands

Britain's second-largest city enjoys housing costs far below those of Britain's first. It also boosts a large diverse economy where you'll fit right in - so pack up!

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