The Best Running Shoes for Overpronation

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Pronation is the inward movement of the foot during running and walking. Excessive over-pronating creates imbalances throughout the ankles, knees, hips and lower back, which can lead to injuries. The best running shoes for over-pronators to look for are ones that stabilise the heel to prevent this inward rotation.

What to Look For

Stabilising shoes are for those with a normal arch and mild over-pronation. According to Consumer Search, a popular and highly reviewed stabilizing shoe is the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10. Those with flat feet and/or severe cases of over-pronation should select running shoes with motion control. These shoes are firmer and provide additional support to prevent the inward rolling of the ankle. Consumer Search reviewers recommend the Saucony ProGrid Stabil CS as a solid motion control shoe.

Common Pitfalls

Over-pronators should never substitute a high quality pair of shoes for one of lower quality. But that does not mean that the most expensive running shoes cater to all running gaits and conditions. Shoes that are designed for people with high arches or those with excessive supination will not be the best options for those with flat feet and excessive pronation. Select running shoes based on design and fit, not price.

Where to Buy

Specialty running stores are staffed with employees who are trained in running mechanics' assessment. Running stores will have you actually walk and run, even outside, so the employees can analyse your running stride to recommend the best shoe. Therefore, it is generally better to go to a specialty running store over a sporting goods store where the employees will not necessarily have the knowledge and experience to guide you into a pair of running shoes that support an over-pronating foot.


A pair of high quality, stability or motion control running shoes will cost approximately $100. The cost varies according to the brand of shoe. Motion control running shoes can be an additional $15 to $20 due to the extra materials used in the medial side of the shoe.

Comparison Shopping

As of August, 2010, the cost of the Brooks Adrenaline GT on Zappos, Eastbay and Amazon was $100. The cost of the Saucony ProGrid Stabil was $115. Shoes that are discontinued due to the colour combination are sometimes a bit cheaper. Specialty running stores will often allow you to return the shoes if they do not work well for your feet, even after they have been worn.


A pair of orthotics is often recommended for those who over-pronate. Orthotics are insoles that support the heel and are fitted inside of running shoes. Orthotics can be purchased already made or they can be custom made for those with excessive cases of over pronation. Othotics should be purchased prior to the purchase of the running shoe to ensure a proper fit.

Insider Tips

Problems associated with the over pronation of the foot can often be corrected with a pair of stabilising or motion control running shoes. However, a physician or physical therapist may need to assist with exercises to strengthen weakened body parts that contribute to the inward rotation of the foot. Strengthening the gluteus medius, which rotates the hip and is often weak in conjunction with over-pronation, is often necessary to correct over-pronation.