Top ten things to do for your 21st birthday

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Turning 21 is a significant milestone, and you want to make it as memorable and momentous as possible. There are many ways to celebrate your special day. Personal tastes vary, but most include activities that were previously age-restricted. The bottom line is to fill the day by doing things that you and your friends enjoy.


Bowling is a great, stress-free way to begin an evening. Everyone gets to mingle and be active at the same time. Plus, it's a universally liked activity that you don't necessarily have to be good at to enjoy.

Wine Tasting

If you wish to participate in an age-restricted activity but are not a big fan of debauchery, a wine tasting is a classy, fun way to celebrate. In addition to the wine, most tastings also feature a wide variety of gourmet food for all to enjoy. If you don't live near a winery of vineyard, consider hosting (or having your friends host) a tasting at your house.

Mellow Dinner

If you don't want to make a big deal out of your birthday, but still want some semblance of commemoration, a mellow dinner is a good option. Surround yourself with a small group of your loved ones, and celebrate your milestone.


Few things are more fun for someone who has just turned 21 than to walk into a off-licence with impunity. Even if you aren't interested in drinking, the experience can still be fun. Simply purchase a bottle of wine for a family member or friend (who is over 21, of course).


Backyard barbecues are a fun way to gather your friends and family to celebrate. They are also significantly easier on the wallet than going out. Being that it's your special night, you should control the menu, the music and the activities.


Renting a limo isn't cheap, but you're only going to have one 21st birthday. Have your friends all contribute to ease the financial burden. When you go out, you should go out in style. Plus, you won't have to worry about you or anyone in your entourage driving if alcohol is involved.


This is a fun, ice-breaking activity that can be done earlier in the day. This is especially helpful if there are people from different social circles in your entourage who don't know each other.


Go to a local brewery that offers tours and tastings. This can be a bit more cost effective than a winery, but with the same benefits.

Day Off

No matter how you celebrate, be sure that you take the day off if possible. Having to schedule the events of your day around a shift at work can be cumbersome and may limit your options.

Bar Scene

Going to a bar is a great way to celebrate your day for several reasons. For starters, you get the rush of being carded and not having to worry. Plus, being the momentous day that it is, you have an instant conversation starter in a very social setting. Then there is also the chance that the bartender, upon seeing your identification, may give you a drink or two on the house.

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