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Whether it's bedsheets or towels, it's a shame to see old linens go to waste. Instead of throwing away your old linens when you get new ones, consider donating them to a charity. There are many charities that will accept the linens and either resell or use them to help those in need.


Goodwill is a leading charity that accepts nearly anything for donation and resells it in their stores. The funds from their sales are then used to train and educate homeless people for a career. You can locate a Goodwill location near you at If you are donating linens to Goodwill, they do ask that the linens are fully clean and sanitised when donated. Also, when you donate to Goodwill, they will give you a blank receipt, so make an inventory of the items you are donating for tax purposes before you take your linens to the centre .


The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is a charity that rescues mistreated animals and finds adopted homes for them. To ensure a stable placement, the group also offers obedience classes for the new owners and even mobile spay and neuter clinics for pet owners. As you can imagine, with all those animals, there is a huge need for old towels and sheets for the kennels. To set up a donation with the ASPCA, send them an message through their website. As you can imagine, the ASPCA is less picky about the quality of the towels, but still appreciates them being pre-washed.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a faith-based organisation that not only finds homeless people jobs, but also provides other services. Founded in 1865 in London, England by William Booth, its ministry quickly found more acceptance in America where it has been ever since. Similar to Goodwill, Salvation Army accepts all donations, asking only that they are clean and sanitary. The funds from reselling the items go to multiple schools for impoverished families, international aid, and to support their homeless shelters.

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