Irons Used by Professional Tailors

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Professional tailors use irons to give their handmade garments a crisp, fresh appearance, and a selection of professional irons gives them a variety of tools to finish garments made of all types of fabrics.

Commercial irons, steamers and presses lessen the amount of time a tailor would have to press seams flat, set interfacing and iron wrinkles out of garments. The consistent heat of high-use, commercial-grade ironing machines quickly takes out the wrinkles and refreshes the garments for their customers.

Commercial Irons

Unlike residential models, the high expense of commercial irons accounts for their durability, reliability and high volume usage before the units need repairing or replacing. In the tailoring business, tailors need to rely on their irons during the process of making garments.

Commercial steam irons convert water into steam and combine that with the heat of an iron while pressing clothes. Steam irons can be set to release steam consistently during the ironing process, or a button can be pressed to release steam on demand.

Commercial dry irons are used by professional tailors to iron garments without water or steam. This is especially useful for delicate, dry-clean-only fabrics that can become damaged from water and heat.


Separate from the ironing model are stand-alone garment steamers. Steamers are composed of a steam-generating chamber connected to the steam applicator head through a hose.

Tailors use garment steamers to give their garments a final "press" prior to releasing the garments to their customers. For some garments, a steam application is all that is needed to take out its wrinkles.

During transport, garments packed in bags are given a facelift once they are on hangers with a few passes of a steamer. The steam loosens the wrinkles and refreshes the fabrics and makes them look freshly pressed.

Ironing Board Press Machines

Simplifying the process of ironing garments such as trousers, trousers, vests, shirts and skirts is made possible with an ironing board press machine. A tailor would certainly invest in one of these ironing units.

Rather than ironing several pieces of a garment such as collars, pocket pieces and cuffs, or simple garments one small section or layer at a time, a tailor would save time ironing these items in one pass.

Ironing board press machines work by laying the garment or fabric pieces on the board, smoothed and positioned exactly, and then lowering the cover and holding it in position a few seconds until the steam works through the fabric.