Tannoy PBM-8 Specs

The forerunner to Tannoy, The Tulsemere Manufacturing Company, was founded in 1926 by Guy Fountain. The company began by manufacturing public address systems, but today Tannoy is known for producing residential hi-fi systems, installing sound systems, and monitoring sound studios.

PBM-8 is the model number for monitor speakers that Tannoy used to make.

Power, Frequency and Sensitivity Specifications

The Tannoy PBM-8 speakers have a frequency response of 45 hertz to 25 kilohertz (-10 decibel at 33 hertz), when allowing for +/- 3 decibel. The crossover frequency for the speakers has been measured at 1.9 kilohertz, and at their peak power they can handle 125 watts. The PBM-8s have a sensitivity of 92 decibels, or 89 decibels in an area that has a low degree of sound reverberation.

Size, Weight and Impedance Specifications

Tannoy's PBM-8 monitor speakers use an 8-inch woofer. A pair of the speakers weigh 10.7 Kilogram, while alone each weighs 5.33 Kilogram. The height, width, and diameter of each speaker is 16.3 inches, 10.88 inches, and 10.75 inches respectively. The speakers have an impedance of a minimum of 4 ohms and a maximum of 8 ohms.

Tweeter Specifications

The Tannoy PBM-8 speakers use a 5DR51570 tweeter, which has a 1-inch acoustic cavity silk dome that is ferro-fluid cooled. It is 4 1/16 inches when you measure across the front of the mounting plate. The outside diameter of the tweeter is 4.09 inches, while the diameter of the hole cut out for the cabinet is 2.845 inches. The tweeter has a peak power rating of 110 watts, a frequency range of 2,000 hertz to 24,000 hertz, and a maximum impedance of 6 ohms.