Things to do on your 60th birthday

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The 60th is a milestone birthday and should be celebrated as such. Whether you keep the celebration small and invite the closest family and friends or go big and plan a birthday bash to remember, options are available to please everyone.

Decorations like hats, napkins and plates can be found with the number 60 on them. Have fun with it as this milestone rolls around only once.

Culinary adventure

Celebrate your 60th birthday (or someone else's) with culinary flare. Invite a few friends or family for a fondue night. Set up different fondues as stations for larger groups or put them all on the same table for smaller groups. Serve a cheese fondue with a selection of fresh breads like sourdough, pumpernickel and olive. Serve meat or seafood for a hot oil fondue. Try something new for a chocolate fondue by adding spirits to the mix. Try white chocolate with almond liqueur or dark chocolate with orange liqueur.

Arrange a private cooking lesson with the head chef of a local fine dining restaurant. Or reserve a special table and ask the chef to create a tasting menu catered to the guest of honor's tastes.

Theme party

Choose themes relevant to the individual celebrating. If he enjoyed disco in the 70s, recreate it with a disco-themed party, with music and a small mirror ball from a party shop. Plan a Hawaiian luau complete with a roasted pig, tropical drinks, leis and Hawaiian music. This idea works well at a pool party.

Choose a theme based on the celebrant's career. For a pilot, choose an aviation theme, and for a librarian, have the guests dress up as characters from their favourite books.


Combine a 60th birthday party with a reunion from the celebrant's family, high school, college or workplaces. A picnic or barbecue is a convenient setting for a reunion, and saves the expense of renting a large hall. Invite distant relatives, long lost friends or classmates and surprise your loved one. Make sure that any hard feelings have been laid to rest before you send out the invitations, to ensure the reunion will be a pleasant one.