Things to make with jute twine

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Jute twine is a cording material readily available in craft stores. Use jute twine to wrap up your packages for mailing or gifting, or find more creative uses for this versatile material. Use jute twine to make over your home or as a handy medium for crafting gifts for friends and family members.

Yarn Substitute

Use jute twine in place of yarn for your needle crafting needs. Crochet with jute twine to make baskets or covers for vases and decorative glassware. Knit or crochet coasters with jute twine or use it to make small shapes for holiday ornaments and garlands. Put jute twine on your weaving loom and use it to make table runners and place mats. This durable material is scratchier than yarn but will also hold up well under wear and tear.

Cover Flaws

Take an ugly side table and cover it with woven strands of jute twine for a rustic look. Apply this same technique to cover lamps, planters and flower pots, picture frames and even dustbins. Simply wrap the jute twine around these objects in one direction and then weave another strand going in the opposite direction to create a mesh-covered style for any flat surface in your home.

Foam Decorations

Simple foam shapes become home accents with some jute twine and a little spray paint. Use this idea to make a cheap accessory that looks like it cost a fortune. Wrap jute twine around foam balls, wreaths or cones, using hot glue to hold the twine in place as you wrap. Wrap the strands closely together so the foam doesn't show through between the lines of jute. When you finish, spray paint the item in a colour to match your decor. Add a coat of weatherproofing finishing spray to take your decorations to your porch or patio instead of your dining room.

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