Interior Ideas for Storage Sheds

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Building an outdoor shed is a great way to increase space around your home for all those hard-to-store items. Organization is the key for the interior of the shed to maximise its use. No matter the content, the shed can be a homeowner's dream when proper planning is in place.


Space and content are huge considerations that should be looked at when planning the organisation of your shed. Many items that are not used often, or used only seasonally, can be suspended from the shed ceiling to keep them out of the way. For example, when storing sporting equipment, plan for the seasons by suspending ski equipment from the ceiling during the summer months and water boards, canoes and fishing poles during the winter. Garden sheds can store table umbrellas, rolls of netting or clothesline poles out of the way, yet easily accessible, when needed.

Wall space

Doors and windows take up a great deal of wall space in any shed and must be taken into account when planning the organisation. Place a hanger on the back of the door for easy access to hoses and a small shelf under windows for pass-through access to small garden tools. Hang a board with wooden pegs, much like a coat rack, toward the top of the wall and place gardening tools with handles like shovels, rakes and forks on it. A duplicate board can be placed lower for implements like clippers and shears or folding lawn chairs to hang from. This also works to hang sports equipment and woodworking tools. Also plan on several shelves for containers, pots, and anything small that should be stored off the ground.

Ground level

Ground-level planning is also important. Consider the large equipment you need most often. This, too, can be changed depending upon the season. For example, a garden shed may have the lawnmower and wheelbarrow close to the door and accessible during summer, but have the snowblower moved up for winter access. The same is true for a sporting goods. The golf clubs may be front and centre during spring and summer, while the snowmobile takes its turn during snow season. Place heavier seldom-used items out of the way under the shelf unit. Keep the centre floor of the shed, as well as the entryway, as clear as possible by placing ground-level items around the perimeter where they could be easily located.

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