Things to Do When Moving House

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Moving your household to a new home can be a daunting task. Planning can help you to ensure you do not forget a task and your move is a smooth experience. Create a checklist of everything you must accomplish before your moving day and start a couple of months in advance. This will make the job a lot less stressful.

Eliminate Clutter

Two months before your planned move, begin sorting through your belongings and get rid of the clutter. Moving is the perfect opportunity to thin out your closets and stored items. Plan to go through each room in the house one at a time to get rid of the stuff you don't want. Sort your belongings into groups such as those things you will keep, things to donate, throwaway items and things you can sell in a yard sale.


Call around and get estimates for truck rentals or moving services. This will help you establish your budget for the move. Truck rental companies can estimate the size truck you will need based on the number of rooms in your home.

Change of Address

About six weeks before your move, pick up change of address cards from the post office. Fill them out with the dates you want your mailing address transferred. If you will be changing your doctor or dentist, arrange to have your records transferred to the new office.

Boxes and Supplies

Five weeks before your move, purchase moving boxes, tape and packing material. Purchase a tape dispenser for easy box sealing. Old newspapers work well for wrapping and packing breakable items. Make sure you have markers to label the boxes after you seal them. You can begin packing items that you will not need before your move.

Utilities and Services

Arrange for your utilities and services to be transferred to your new address such as electricity, telephone, cable television, gas and water.


Make sure you have cash on hand for your moving day to tip movers if you use them, pick up food and beverages for your helpers and for any unforeseen expenses during the day.

Packing and Lists

When packing your boxes, label each one with a number and make a list of the items inside the box. This will help you find your essentials when you arrive to your new home. A single subject notebook can keep track of your packing boxes and the items inside.

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