Crusader 220 Engine Specifications

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The Crusader 220 is an inboard marine engine for small to medium crafts. The engine is "the happy medium between normal operation and high-torque performance" due to a four-barrel carburettor, according to Crusader. The company has made engines for inboard motor yachts and sportfishing boats for 50 years, and was acquired by Pleasurecraft Marine Engine in 1998.

General Specifications

The Crusader 220 displacement is 5.0 litre (350 c.i.d.). The cylinders are V8, with 4,000 RPM. The compression is 8.4.1. The bore is 94.9mm (3.74 in.). The stroke is 88.4mm (3.48 in.). The weight is 399kg.


Audio alarm systems were standard on Crusader 220 engines for engine oil pressure, transmission oil temperature and water temperature. The adjustable, six-way engine mounts are rubber cushioned to dampen for smoothness, and for "simplifying engine alignment," according to Crusader. There is also a pre-wired ignition and alarm harness to provide an eight-prong terminal block to connect to the instrument panel extension harness. Harness extension and pre-wired sending units were also available as an option, according to Crusader.

The cylinder head and block assembly included brass and stainless steel fittings in cast iron block and heads to resist corrosion. The head gaskets are stainless steel.


Crusader 220 engines feature a transmission oil cooler, and a standard water-cooled exhaust system with header-style exhaust manifolds. Crusader engines also feature two-pump cooling. The circulating pump is controlled by thermostatic pressure control metering, according to Crusader. A seawater pump continuously accommodates for water released by the thermostat or pressure relief.


Crusader 200 engines came standard with a full flow oil filter, 12-volt electrical system, a Coast Guard-approved dual diaphragm fuel pump and flame arrester, a 50 AMP alternator, throttle and clutch control bracket, a positive crankcase ventilation and a 143 degree thermostat, according to Crusader.

The 220 engine also features water-cooled exhaust elbows, prewire engine harness, positive crankcase ventilation, chromate primer, enamel paint, hydraulic transmission and oil cooler, engine skid, propeller shaft coupling, neutral safety switch, starter and relay and a 50-amp circuit breaker.


Crusader 200 options include a low profile intake manifold for both the 220 and 270 models, reverse manifolds for V Drive, remote oil filter, wire harnesses, instrumentation, fresh water cooling and 4- and 8-inch exhaust "S" risers. Crusader also offered an exhaust "Y" connector, and exhaust crossover "Y" connector. V-Drive design put the engine in the stern for more cockpit room, according to Crusader.

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