Easy Garden Craft Ideas

Create decorative and functional crafts for your garden and backyard decor, even if you have limited crafting skills. Easy garden crafts such as bird baths, fountains, decorative planters and chimes require only a few basic supplies. You may be surprised at how easily you can make and decorate colourful, whimsical pieces to enhance your outdoor spaces.

Rustic Twig Planter

Make a rustic twig planter from any type of garden planter using dried twigs and small limbs from your property. Use dried grapevines from local craft and garden supply stores to complete this easy garden project. Break or cut the twigs or sections of the vine into pieces that cover each of the four sides of the planter. The twigs can run horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference. Glue the twigs to the planter with waterproof construction adhesive; place them as close together as possible. Fill the rustic planter with your favourite potted plant.

Decorative Planter Bird Bath

Another easy project is to create a decorative planter bird bath. Select an 8-inch diameter or larger terra-cotta planter and a terra-cotta saucer that's the same diameter as the planter, or slightly larger. Decorate the outside of the planter and the saucer with acrylic paint; use stencils and templates, if necessary, to create designs. Fit the saucer on top of the planter to create the birdbath; the planter can be inverted or right side up.

Urn Fountain

One of the easiest crafts to make for your garden is an urn fountain. Select an urn that's at least 10 inches tall with a wide mouth; small-mouth urns are limited to bubbling fountains, large-mouth urns can better contain a fountain spray. Attach an extended fountainhead to the spout on a small, submersible fountain pump. Place the pump inside the urn before filling it with water. When you plug in the pump, the water exits the fountainhead. Raise or lower the fountainhead to keep the water inside the urn.

Wind Chimes

Another easy-to-make garden craft is a set of beaded wind chimes. Make rustic chimes using a tree limb as the header and decorative stones or rusty garden tools as the chime strands. If you prefer a more colourful garden design, hang strands of glass beads and crystals from a metal craft ring and watch as they shoot rainbows around your garden when the sunlight touches the crystals. You could also hang strands of seashell beads from a driftwood header for a relaxed, beach-themed set of garden chimes. Fishing line is one of the best materials to use to make wind chimes; tie or bead the objects to the fishing line and then tie the lines around a craft ring or copper tube or around cup hooks inserted into wood blocks.

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