Signs of too much histamine

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Histamine is a naturally occurring chemical inside a person's body. When a person undergoes an allergic reaction, histamine is released. A severe allergic reaction causes the body to release a large amount of histamine. This can cause histadelia or histamine high. There are a number of adverse signs and symptoms that occur when too much histamine is present in the body.

Low Tolerance for Pain

Those with high levels of histamine are overly sensitive to physical touch. According to Health Recovery Center, they often have a low threshold for pain. What may seem like a moderate amount of pain to one person can be intolerable to someone with high levels of histamine.


High levels of histamine make it hard for a person to sleep or sit still. Even if a person on a histamine high is able to fall asleep, he will most likely have a fitful night of sleeping, according to Health Recovery Center. Those with histadelia constantly feel the need to get up and move around.


Compulsion is another sign that too much histamine is present in a person's system. This particular symptom ties into the hyperactivity. A person who is seen as a "perfectionist" might actually be suffering from a histamine high, which makes it hard for him to relax.


According to Health Recovery Center, depression is one of the more severe signs of histadelia. It can cause a person to have compulsive suicidal thoughts. This is a symptom that should be heavily monitored by a doctor. A medical professional may be able to prescribe a medication that counteracts this symptom.


People with high amounts of histamine in their system will feel extremely hot, according to Diagnose Me. This high body heat causes profuse sweating if the body cannot be cooled from the outside. Those who naturally have too much histamine in their system all the time will not have as much body hair to accommodate the high body temperature.

Allergic Reactions

An allergy to histamine itself can cause a number of reactions, like asthma or skin reactions according to The Analyst. Migraines and gastrointestinal problems can also arise, due to high amounts of histamine in the system.

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