Good speech topics for teenagers

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Teenagers encounter a number of situations in which they need to make a speech, including for school projects, pageants and other contests, and award ceremonies. It can be challenging to think of the right topic, one that sets you apart and lingers in the audience's memory.

A Challenge

Write a speech about a challenge that you overcame and how you overcame it. These challenges could be your parents' divorce, the death of a loved one, combating a disease or dealing with psychological trauma such as neglect, abuse or abandonment. Describe how the challenge affected you, how you overcame it and what you learnt from the ordeal.


Many teens choose to make a speech about a person or a thing that inspires them. This person could be someone you know personally or a celebrity. You could also be inspired by an event. Describe your inspiration. If your inspiration is a person, than talk about why you find her inspiring. Discuss any obstacles that individual had to overcome and discuss her achievements. Talk about what you have learnt or what you hope to learn from her.


Structure your speech around a social or political issue you feel strongly about. This speech should take the form of a persuasive speech. Describe the issue and the opposition to the issue. Then, offer evidence that supports your side. Possible issues include women's rights, abortion, homosexuality and bullying.

Dreams and Goals

People are motivated by their dreams and goals. Dreams can become a powerful speech topic. Whether your dream is to become a doctor or to move to China, the audience may find your dream inspiring and motivating. Talk about the origin of your dream or goal, talk about any meaning the dream has for you, list the steps you have taken toward achieving that dream, and the steps you need to take.

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