The Best Walking Shoes for Supinators

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Supination occurs when the outside of the heel hits the ground first, but the foot does not roll inward, and all of the body weight rests of the outside of the foot. This walking action makes the small toes responsible for pushing of the ground to complete the step.

This type of gait can lead to ankle sprains, due to the weakening of the muscles around the ankle from supinating. The best type of shoe to address this issue is a flexible shoe with evenly distributed cushioning.

Aetrex Women's 854 Walking Shoe

The Aetrex Women's 854 Walking Shoe is an excellent shoe for supinators. This shoe comes with a customisable insole and orthotic insert. Because everyone's foot and arch are different, by cutting the inserts to your needs, the shoe can perfectly fit your arch and provide protection from rolling the foot outward. The shoe also consists of a thick outer heel to provide extra support.

Asics Gel Impression

For severe supinators, the Asics Gel Impression is one of the best options. The Gel Impression provides a gel cushioning system that creates extra shock absorption and helps to prevent the heel from rolling outward. For those who do large amounts of walking, this shoe provides an extra thick rubber sole to prevent wear and tear.

Nike Air Max Moto

Similar to the Asics Gel Impression, the Nike Air Max Moto, provides a cushioning system, however, the Nike walking shoes cushioning is provided by an air pocket. Although the Max Moto is classified as a running shoe, it is suitable as a walking shoe for both men and women. The air cushioning is provided in both the heel and the forefoot of the shoe. The shoe also consists of a strong rubber heel for stability and a mesh body for breathability.