Turning 20, while not officially a big birthday milestone, signifies the end of teenage life and the age before the big 21. While individuals will appreciate different types of gifts, it is a good idea to treat a 20th birthday as something a bit special. People may feel they have become an adult now that they are in their 20s, so a gift that reflects that this is an important birthday for them will be appreciated.


For adrenaline junkies

Treat action heroes to a parachute jump or a quad-bike riding adventure. Lots of companies specialise in these kind of activities nowadays. Expect to pay around £200 for a parachute jump and from around £110 for quad bike riding.


Indulgent treats

Name a star after the birthday girl. You can name a star for around £20 and you will receive an astrological map showing where the star is. You will then have something physical to give her on her birthday. A health club day for two will also make her see stars. Starting from approximately £100, the birthday girl can take a partner or friend to get pampered too.

  • Name a star after the birthday girl.
  • Starting from approximately £100, the birthday girl can take a partner or friend to get pampered too.

Concert tickets

Most 20-year-olds enjoy live concerts and if you make a point of getting tickets for his favourite band, it shows you've put effort and thought into the gift.


Throw a party

Plan a big party to show you understand this is an important birthday. A more adult theme, with a black-tie dress code, perhaps, will complement her newly grown-up feeling.


Pay for a night out

Another option is to pay for a night out for the birthday boy and his friends. A meal in a top restaurant and tickets to a club is an adult-themed night that he will relish. Top off the treat by hiring a stretch limo for the whole group to get around town.


Smaller gifts

Think about buying some smaller gifts for her to open on the day. Books, CDs, make-up and clothing store vouchers are something to get excited about. Although she may feel more adult at 20, she's not too grown up to appreciate ripping the paper off a few of these items.


Practical Presents

At 20, young adults often have cars that they need money to maintain or their own homes to pay bills on. If they are short of cash they may ask for practical presents like having their car insurance paid, or money so they can pay their mobile phone bill. Fulfil their request (if you can, of course), but try to give them a treat too, if only a little one, to mark the occasion.