Anniversary Gifts for People Married 14 Years

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Meaningful gift-giving on anniversaries is one way to keep a marriage relationship fresh and full of life. Each anniversary offers a couple the opportunity to show each other their mutual appreciation, gratitude and enduring affection. As the years build, so can a spouse's expectations for a thoughtful gift.

If you're preparing to celebrate your 14th year of marriage, surprise your spouse with a few twists on a traditional classic.


Ivory is the traditional 14th wedding anniversary gift. However, if you don't want to give ivory because of an ethical issue with how it's harvested, consider a piece of Tagua jewellery. Tagua nuts are taken from Tagua trees that grow in rainforests. Tagua also is called "ivory nut" and "vegetable ivory" because they are hard and resemble ivory. Each Tagua tree produces an abundance of fruit that can be harvested and fashioned into necklaces, pendants, bracelets, cufflinks, or figurines. Tagua allows you to evoke the traditional gift idea of ivory without harming elephants in the process. Depending on your budget, you also could surprise your spouse with a trip to a South American country such as Colombia. Visit a rainforest on the trip and pick a Tagua nut for your spouse in honour of your 14th wedding anniversary.

Ivory Keys

If your spouse is a music lover, consider an alternative twist on the 14-year anniversary classic by giving your loved one a piano. If you want a piano made with real ivory keys, look for an antique piano made around the turn of the 20th century. Similar to wood grain, real ivory keys have a distinctive grain or pattern that becomes visible when viewed closely under light. Most modern pianos are made with plastic keys but would still be a nice way to honour the traditional anniversary year gift idea without needing to spend as much money or encounter any kind of a moral dilemma with the giving of ivory. If your budget or living space doesn't accommodate a piano, consider taking your spouse out for a romantic evening of dinner and seeing a local symphony or live jazz band.

Modern Gifts

The official modern gift in celebration of a 14th wedding anniversary is gold jewellery. Depending on your budget, you have a wide range of options when buying something in gold for your spouse. Consider a pair of white gold earrings or a necklace with a yellow gold eternity pendant. You could also give a yellow or white gold Celtic knot wedding band; the Celtic knot symbolises eternity or rebirth and incorporated into a wedding band design would be a powerful demonstration of your continued commitment to your spouse.