Beds That Are High Off the Floor

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High beds are popular for both adults and children. They allow easier cleaning, additional storage room and can contribute to an exciting room design. They can be convenient additions to children's bedrooms and residence halls. Beds are considered high off the ground if they sit higher than 20 inches off the floor. When selecting a bed that is right for you, keep in mind certain safety precautions. High beds should have a stable and wide base that allows structure and steadiness to people while sleeping.

Loft Beds

A loft bed, or stilt bed, sits high off the floor and is popular in college dorms and residence halls. Many benefits are associated with this type of bedroom set-up. It creates larger storage areas under the bed and provides extra room for pieces of furniture such as couches, desks and mini refrigerators. When installing a loft bed, be aware of the different heights of ceilings; you will want adequate room when sitting on top of the bed. A good rule of thumb when installing a loft bed is to ensure that there is a minimum of 33 inches from the top of the mattress to the ceiling.

From a safety perspective, loft beds should be free-standing and not attached to walls, ceilings or other fixtures so they remain stable and safe during slumber.

High Riser Beds

High riser beds stand at a height of 40 inches off the floor and allow up to 34 inches of storage space underneath. High riser beds can store items such as trunks, filing cabinets, toys and mini refrigerators and are perfect in rooms for older children. Safety rails can be placed on the sides of the bed to ensure the safety of your child during the night.

Different sizes of high riser beds can be purchased that include standard, twin, queen and king. Optional accessories can be purchased with the bed such as attached bookshelves, desks and footrests.

For safety purposes, the high riser bed frame can hold up to 454 Kilogram, which provides a comfortable level of structure and steadiness.

Tall Platform Beds

Tall platform beds stand approximately 20 inches off the ground, allowing homeowners to store small- to medium-size items underneath--perfect for extra clothes, sports equipment and suitcases. Platform beds come in a variety of sizes that include standard, double, queen and king and provide stability and comfort during sleep.

Tall platform beds can help decorate a room in a Japanese feng shui style, allowing the room to appear simple and non-cluttered.

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