Mad hatter tea party table decorating ideas

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Whether you're throwing a party for children or you want to have a fun theme party for adults, consider hosting a Mad Hatter Tea Party. In the story "Alice in Wonderland," the Mad Hatter hosts a lively tea party for his friends. When planning such a tea party, concentrate on decorating the table, since this is where your guests will spend most of their time.


If you are using only one table at your Mad Hatter tea party, cover it with a cloth that features bold colours and prints. For instance, you may consider a hot pink tablecloth with white polka dots, or one that is neon yellow--the bolder, the better. If you will be using more than one table, cover them with mismatching cloths. You don't have to use actual tablecloths; you can use a flat bed sheet that already has a funky design or create your own by decorating a white flat bed sheet.


Surround tables with a variety of chairs, just like the Mad Hatter's tea party in "Alice in Wonderland." Use chairs that are different heights, as well as stools and benches. Place armchairs at the head of the table for the guest of honour or host. Top chairs with different covers and hang large silk flowers from their backs.


For a simple centrepiece at a Mad Hatter tea party, visit a thrift store and purchase several candelabra. Top them with taper candles and punch holes in a deck of cards, string ribbon through the holes and hang them from the arms of each candelabrum.

Stack inexpensive teacups and saucers and glue them together. Fill the top tea cup with wildflowers or a stuffed mouse to represent the door mouse. Scatter a deck of playing cards around the base of the centrepiece.

Purchase terracotta flowerpots from a home supply or craft store and paint interesting designs on them. Once the paint dries, fill them with dried beans and place a bouquet of large lollipops and pinwheels in them.

Dishes and Tea Pots

Of course, to have a proper Mad Hatter tea party, you'll need to set the table with dishes, tea pots, tea cups and saucers. Buy the items you need from an antique shop or thrift store in different colours, patterns and shapes. Mismatched items are key, as they will give the table an authentic Mad Hatter look.

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