The advantages of driving a car for women

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The car is most common mode of transportation in the USA--about 95 per cent of American households own a car and a corresponding proportion rely on it to get to work, according to Robin Chase the founder of Zipcar.

Driving a car can be a matter of choice or necessity among men and women drivers, however, women are statistically considered safer drivers than men. A study by a Quality Planning, a company that helps to verify the information provided by policyholders on behalf of motor insurers, revealed that women are generally more attentive behind the wheel than most men. For these reasons, being a female car driver can bring many benefits.

Convenience and Flexibility

Driving a car brings greater flexibility to female drivers and proves to be a convenient and economical way of travelling. Whether it is getting to work, picking up the kids from school or making long trips to a hair appointment, a car comes in handy for women. Although car maintenance can sometimes be costly, driving in itself is much cheaper than other forms of transport such as trains, taxis and air travel. Because driving is also much faster than walking, travelling by bus or riding a bicycle, for example, women can often save time on journeys to and from several places.

Less Risky

The advantages of driving a car for women also extend to their personal safety. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), women typically drive less than men and therefore have a better attitude toward risky driving practices such as driving under the influence of alcohol, not wearing a seat belt or uninsured driving. The research findings also suggest that, consequently, women drivers are often less likely to be involved in serious motor vehicle crashes.

Cheaper Car Insurance

One of the greatest advantages of being a female driver is having access to exclusive and affordable insurance premiums. Due to the proven road awareness of female drivers and their due consideration for other road users, car insurance providers now offer insurance premiums specifically designed for women. What's more, the premiums are often cheaper than those offered to male drivers of equivalent driving experience.

Safer Driving

Statistics have indicated that women generally account for a smaller percentage of all car crashes. Additionally, the damage caused by women is less; and this is mainly because women usually drive more carefully than their male counterparts. According to statistics published by the IIHS, men also account for 71 per cent of all fatal car accidents, usually owing to dangerous driving, in 2008.