Organizations That Help Donate Cars to Low-Income Families

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Donating a car to a low-income family provides them not only with a vehicle but a better opportunity to get to a place of employment, and it can provide you with a tax deduction. Several non-profit organisations welcome donations of used automobiles to help the families they serve.

Even if your car is old or not in running condition, some organisations will accept it or its parts.

Vehicles for Change

Vehicles for Change has helped more than 3,000 families acquire cars in the eleven years since it was founded in 1999. A needy family can purchase the car for £422, and you can deduct the fair-market value of the car from your taxes. According to the organisation's statistics, 73 per cent of those they serve go on to obtain jobs with a salary increase. If your car is more than 16 years old they will still accept the parts, though you might not be eligible for the tax deduction.

Vehicles for Change

5230 Washington Blvd.

Halethorpe, MD 21227


Opportunity Cars

Opportunity Cars, a chain operating in 33 states, has 150 operating links. In 2005 alone, 10,000 families received cars through its program for low-income families. The Opportunity Cars network offers three options. One is for the company to take in cars from donors and then distribute them to the families; another program allows individuals with poor credit histories to take loans on the car; the third assists clients in saving up to purchase a vehicle. The organisation has no mailing address; contact them by their website below.

Opportunity Cars

Donate A Car 2 Charity

Donate A Car 2 Charity is part of Activated Ministries, which is a Christian group serving people in need. Your car can be picked up in any of the 50 states, and you can also donate a boat or an RV through the same group. Donate A Car 2 Charity also provides information that can help you calculate your tax benefits. Even if your car is no longer in operating condition, you can consult their online donation form to see if you qualify to donate it to the program.

Donate A Car 2 Charity

Activated Ministries

2120 West Mission Rd. Suite G

Escondido, CA 92029