Thule X1 Specifications

Although no longer being produced, the Thule X1 is a roof box designed to provide extra storage space on SUVs, four-wheel drive vehicles and wagons. It was made to quickly install on the top of a vehicle with a special "Quick Snap" mounting system and be rugged enough to support an active lifestyle.

Cargo boxes are good choices for people who occasionally need additional room to carry recreational items such as skis, snowboards, camping equipment or luggage.


The exterior of the Thule X1 is 190cm long, 90cm wide and has a height of 38cm. Its interior dimensions are 185cm long by 85cm wide and 38cm high. This creates a total interior capacity of 450 litres, which allows it to carry up to six snowboards or pair of carving skis up to 180cm of length. It has a total weight of 23kg and a maximum carrying capacity of 75kg.


The Thule X1 utilises the Quick Snap system for installation. It is a mounting method that does not require screws, making it easier to mount or take down the Thule X1 on an as-needed basis. It also came with luggage load straps that were standard with all Thule cargo boxes. It was designed to be compatible with most aero bars along with Thule square load bars. It also works with load bars from other manufacturers including Yakima round cross bars and most standard factory car racks.

Entry Points

The Thule X1 has a dual-side opening system which allows for easier access to store and remove skis, snowboards and other items. Doors on either side of the roof box allow it to be loaded and unloaded for either side along with making it easier to mount and remove. As with all Thule storage systems, it has a patented spring-loading system on the doors which assist in upward and downward motion of the doors. This makes it easier to open and close. It can be locked with a central system that requires one key for all entry points; keys can only be removed when all locks are closed, making it impossible to accidentally leave a door unlocked during loading.


The Thule X1 is only available in a "tech silver' colour designed to make the plastic material resemble high-performance stainless steel.