Problems With Splitting a VGA Signal With a Long Cable

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Most computer systems come equipped with a VGA port to connect them to a monitor. Splitters can be purchased for VGA cables to allow computers with only one VGA port to connect to multiple monitors. Users who split their VGA signal across two long VGA cables, however, will run into image problems that are a result of the splitting.

Ghost Imaging

VGA cables over 10 meters often have problems with ghost imaging. Splitting a VGA cable over this distance will only make the problem worse. "Ghost imaging" is when the monitor displays two versions of the same image: one where the image should be and the other directly beside it. The only way to resolve this issue is to purchase a higher quality cable or to purchase a VGA signal amplifier and attach it to the VGA cable.

Image Blurring

The longer the distance a VGA signal must travel, the weaker the signal when it arrives at the monitor. When the cable is split, the image becomes weaker still. This results in a weak or blurred image on the monitor screen. Again, the only way to solve this issue is with a higher quality cable or a VGA signal amplifier.

Image "Noise"

VGA cable length and splitting also cause what is known as "image noise." Image noise refers to any imperfection in the colour, brightness or resolution of the image displayed on the monitor. A high quality cable and VGA signal booster will help reduce image noise to a minimum.

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