List of Foods High in Uric Acid

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Uric acid is a waste product of the body processing purine. It can build up in the body and crystallise in the joints, making them inflamed. This is a painful condition called gout.

Limiting foods that are high purine or uric acid foods and eliminating them all together during an attack of gout can reduce your symptoms and reduce your chances of repeating the condition.


Organ meats such as sweetbreads, kidneys, brains or livers are high in uric acid. Pork and lamb are high in purines that create uric acid. Bacon is extremely high in uric acid and should be avoided by gout sufferers. Beef has some uric acid content but not as high as pork. Chicken, especially the skin, and some game meats such as duck and venison are also high purine meats.


Heavy oil fish like sardine, trout, tuna and anchovy are heavy in uric acid. Cod, herring and scallops also have high uric acid levels, as do fish eggs, such as caviar. Eating these can cause high levels of uric acid in the blood stream, allowing it to build up in the body.


Large amounts of alcohol can be a problem for gout sufferers. Because beer is a yeast products, it is especially high in uric acid. Some alcohols do not cause an adverse effect, such as wine, but any alcohol should be ingested in moderation.

Plants and Grains

Oats, yeasts, lentils, peas and beans contain uric acid. Mushrooms should also be avoided and are among the plant-based items that are highest in uric acid. However, most plant-based foods are relatively harmless in this category, and there are some plant foods that actually counteract uric acid and are anti-inflammatory in nature.