Dell Latitude C510 C610 Specs

The Dell Latitude line is an all-purpose, mainstream laptop for businesses, students and families. The Latitude C510 and C610 were released to the market 2004.

The computers feature all the necessary hardware of the time, along with Windows XP as the intended operating system, although many were shipped with Windows 2000. They share almost exactly the same specs except for the processors and the option for expanding RAM.


The two computers use the same body with a 14-inch screen (maximum resolution of 1024 x 768). They are both approximately 12.5 inches wide, 9.9 inches deep, 1.4 inches high and weigh 2.22 Kilogram.


The C510 uses an Intel Pentium III core processor with a 256KB L2 cache and speeds of up to 1GHz, while the C610 uses the faster Intel Pentium III-M with 512KB L2 cache and a high speed of 1.3GHz. Both processors use the Intel 830MP chip set.


While both computers have a 20GB hard drive and 256MB of RAM, the C610 is able to expand to 1GB of RAM while the C510 can only be upgraded to 526MB. Both computers have two extra memory slots for expanding RAM, but only the C610 has the capacity to use the extra RAM if expanded over 526MB.

Sound and Graphics

Both computers use an ATI Mobility Radeon graphics card with 16MB of installed video memory and 1600 by 1200 external video resolution. Both computers have sound cards, speakers and jacks for a microphone and headphones.

Network and Connections

The C510 and C610 have integrated network cards and modems capable of Ethernet and fast Ethernet connections. They also have built-in CD-ROM drives; one USB 1.1 port; VGA output slots; parallel, serial and PS/2 ports; and the standard infrared port that Dell included on many of its laptops.